29 August 2012

Hard Time Decidin'

I am having a hard time deciding...is Chris Matthews, besides having been Tip O'Neil's buttboy, a wizening old turd or still just a hectoring lout?

21 January 2012

04 November 2010

Matt Taibbi. Look up the words "useful idiot" in the dictionary and you'll find his picture. He bemoans the cycle of government paying money to gangsters who then pay it to politicians...and then wants more government regulation of business as the solution. Blind, stupid, evil wussie!

13 October 2010

This DB is so lost that it's doubtful he could find his a$$ with both hands...nevermind the horrendous crap he put us through.

11 August 2010

...interesting that the people who are the most strident footwear fascists when I walk barefoot into the local convenience mart to pay for my gas are the same people who, likely, don't want the police to check the immigration status of people under detention for crimes....